uk marketing trendsMost people agree that mobile marketing in the UK is growing rapidly!  Mobile strategies are paying off and returning actual ROI.

The United Kingdom has always been ahead of the technology curve and mobile is also ahead of the marketing curve in the UK.  Marketing trends in the UK are going Mobile.

UK business owners are creating sms text marketing campaigns, building mobile websites, and getting into mobile advertising campaigns.

Do you have a mobile marketing strategy?  Are you starting to implement mobile into your marketing plans?

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Starting a mobile website businessYou can learn how to start a mobile website business by simply reading this review.  It is that easy.   We have reviewed the leading providers of white label mobile website platforms as well as mobile website reseller programs to find the easiest to use, consumer friendly solutions for starting your own mobile website business without spending a dime on product development.

Make Money as a Mobile Website Reseller

2013 and beyond can be your year to make more money.  Mobile websites are in high demand as millions of people are surfing the net through their smart phones and businesses everywhere are trying to reach them. Continue Reading

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Online Mobile Website Converter FreeWhat you want is to create a mobile friendly website for your company. What you don’t want to do is pay some anonymous company who doesn’t know anything about you or your business to create something that’s going to represent your product or service.

Well, you now have other options. Today you can easily convert your company’s website to mobile for free. Not only can you convert your website to mobile easily, you can do it knowing that you’re doing your part to keep up with our increasingly tech savvy society.

Who Has a Mobile Website?

A 2012 study said that 67% of participants said that a business having a mobile friendly site was “important to them”. Continue Reading

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How safe are you in the UK?  How safe are you when your carrying your mobile phone in the United Kingdom?  Mobile phone theft is growing and since today’s smartphones like the iPhone and even Android mobile’s are so very expensive, mobile theft will continue to grow.

Are you surprised that Brighton and Manchester lead the list of most likely places to have your mobile stolen?

 Mobile Phone Theft in the United Kingdom

UK Mobile Theft Infographic


For those of you living in Sunderland, your the winner in this infographic and the least likely place in the UK to have your mobile phone stolen. Continue Reading

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Mobile-WebsiteYou pride yourself on being a savvy business owner. You’ve gotten to where you are in your local business community through your intelligence, cunning and perseverance. In other words, you didn’t fall off the turnip truck.

Perhaps that’s the reason why you have such a hard time believing that you can create a cheap mobile website. Well Doubting Thomas, not only can get a cheap mobile friendly website, you can get one that will not cost you a dime. You can learn how to build a mobile website from scratch for free by reading this article and doing the steps outlined. Continue Reading

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SMS Marketing Software SMS marketing for restaurants is one of the easiest and fastest ways to grow your restaurant’s customer base.  With text message marketing for restaurants, you’re going to be bringing in constant business to fill those slower days.  You will be able to throw out that red ink pen that you keep marking your books with at closing time; no more red inking your budget.

You’re finally going to be able to rest assured that your restaurant is making it through this tough economy.  There’s no reason not to start learning SMS marketing software today.

Why Restaurant Text Message Marketing

Mobile text marketing is one of the easiest ways to reach your general public, potential customers, and regular customers.  Continue Reading

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