How to Build a Mobile Website From Scratch With Free Software

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Mobile-WebsiteYou pride yourself on being a savvy business owner. You’ve gotten to where you are in your local business community through your intelligence, cunning and perseverance. In other words, you didn’t fall off the turnip truck.

Perhaps that’s the reason why you have such a hard time believing that you can create a cheap mobile website. Well Doubting Thomas, not only can get a cheap mobile friendly website, you can get one that will not cost you a dime. You can learn how to build a mobile website from scratch for free by reading this article and doing the steps outlined.

I’m Doing Fine. Why Does My Business Need a Mobile Website?

The main reason is that 73 million can’t be wrong. That’s the number of people who did mobile searches as of 2010, which is up from 31% of smartphone users in 2009. If you want your business to be smack dab in front of the face of your prospective customers, getting a website created for mobile phones could be just the thing to do that.

Another reason why making a mobile website for your business is a good idea is that you may have less competition in Google. That’s because Google has a separate search engine for mobile friendly websites. This version of the popular search engine has less listings than its larger Internet counterpart, so your mobile website will have a better chance of being found by customers.

If I Don’t Have to Pay For These Mobile Websites, How Do I Make One?

Not necessarily. If you want to create a mobile friendly website with a lot of extra features, you can often make one for a reasonable price. However, most small business owners who are just serving their local area can do just fine with a mobile friendly website made from a company such as DudaMobile and OctoMobi.

DudaMobile Build Free Mobile SiteOctoMobi Build Free Mobile Site

When you sign up with one of the above mentioned companies, you’re all set to start learning how to build a mobile website from scratch. With these companies’ free mobile website creator software; you can adjust several features of your business’ mobile optimized website.

Aspects of a mobile website such as the look of links, click to call buttons, maps and number of pages is entirely up to you when you use this free mobile website creator software.

Isn’t Everybody Else Paying for Their Mobile Websites?

Mobile WebsiteNot necessarily. The mobile websites of such big corporations as Neiman Marcus, Crate and Barrel and Pizza Hut were probably created for thousands and thousands of dollars. But then again, these are huge national corporations. As stated before, you can achieve the same results on a much smaller scale with a free mobile website.

Below are some industries that use free mobile websites as a way to get their product or service in front of their customers. Feel free to view some of these mobile optimized websites for inspiration.

  • Small Business Mobile Websites
  • Healthcare Mobile Websites
  • Entertainment Mobile Websites
  • Auto Industry Mobile Websites
  • Golf and Sports Mobile Websites
  • Restaurant Mobile Websites
  • Retail Mobile Websites
  • Nightclub Mobile Websites
  • Church Mobile Websites
  • Real Estate Mobile Optimized Websites
  • Bar Mobile Friendly Websites

By knowing how to build a mobile website from scratch, you’re doing one more thing to take the direction of your small business in your own hands. Nowadays, you can’t just expect new customers to find your establishment by randomly walking in your doors. You have to be proactive in this area. Making a free mobile website is one way to do that.

So yes, small business owner, you can learn how to build a mobile website from scratch for your company. It’s also important that you do so quickly. You don’t want that mobile website version of Google to be saturated with your competitors.


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