QR Codes for Retail Stores: What You Need to Know

QR codes for RetailersQR codes are popping up in retail stores all over the United Kingdom. The 2011 holiday shopping season was the biggest mobile shopping season to date, and shoppers who used mobile likely encountered at least one QR code. Some of those shoppers likely visited a retailer’s mobile website after scanning their QR code.

QR codes are just one part of an effective mobile marketing strategy in the UK, but they certainly serve an important purpose. QR codes can play the role of helping consumers find retailers’ mobile websites, locate retailers’ coupons and research new products before buying. Continue Reading

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Mobile Websites for Nonprofits – Make them Mobile Friendly

Nonprofit Mobile WebsitesWith the increasing relevance of mobile web browsers and the use of mobile devices for accessing the internet, your UK nonprofit is probably planning to make their move and develop a mobile website of your own. It’s a good choice, but it can be a daunting task.

Due to the differences in the nature of the software and hardware used by these mobile devices to surf the web, there are some important things to remember when building a mobile website. They are:

  • Speed
  • Content
  • Navigation

These are usual considerations for any website, but they have entirely different meanings for web browsing. Continue Reading

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Mobile Websites for Churches and Religious Organizations

Churches Need a Mobile Website – Get a Church Mobile Marketing Strategy

With more and more people devoting hours to their smart phones for web browsing, texting, apps and social media, it’s no coincidence that churches have taken notice. Many churches have seen the need to improve their technology to keep pace with their flock. Nearly every church has a website where a decade ago, few did. Many churches broadcast their sermons, offer podcasts and deliver bulletins and message via email.

The natural progression of the technology leads to mobile websites for churches. Half of all people own smart phones and do their primary web browsing on their mobile device. Continue Reading

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Salon Mobile Coupons – Spa Mobile Coupons

Salon Mobile Marketing CouponsIf there is one thing that spas and salons in the UK have in common, this is it: they both can benefit from a mobile marketing strategy that involves mobile coupons. Here’s another thing they share: they both can benefit from a mobile marketing strategy that uses coupons to encourage customer loyalty. Here’s how.

Mobile Marketing for Spas & Salons 101 – the Mobile VIP Membership

When customers visit a spa or a salon in the UK, they do so because they want to be treated special. They want to relax and be pampered. Continue Reading

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How to Outsource your Mobile Marketing Strategy

Mobile Marketing Strategies and Outsourcing

If you are a small business owner in the UK, you may find the prospect of establish mobile marketing services challenging – outsourcing services may be a better option for you if you are intimidated by all things technical or far too busy to contemplate tackling this project.

There are a number of outsourcing companies that can help you with your mobile marketing strategy, many of them offshore outsourcing resources. There’s no limit to what aspects of your mobile marketing program you can outsource – many firms are now opting to:

  • Outsource mobile app development
  • Outsource mobile website design
  • Outsource mobile website developer selection

If you are concerned with the quality of results you may get when utilizing outsourcing services, bear in mind that even the most reputable mobile marketing companies utilize offshore outsourcing for many of the services they offer to small businesses just like yours. Continue Reading

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Bulk SMS Marketing for Restaurants

Restaurants: Bulk SMS Marketing Options

As a restaurant owner in the UK, you are well acquainted with the terrible ache you feel every time you see the following things happening all at once:

  • it’s a weekend
  • you have empty tables
  • busboys are lounging around waiting for something to do
  • servers are bickering over head-count and bemoaning the lack of customers

Busboys will lounge and servers will bicker, but there is absolutely no excuse for empty tables on a weekend. Luckily, bulk SMS marketing can help.

Bulk SMS Marketing in UK? Sounds Dangerous

Oh, it is dangerous. Dangerously effective, that is.

Like many small secrets that have the potential to completely change your business, it is fairly easy to learn. Continue Reading

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