Mobile Websites for Churches and Religious Organizations

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Mobile Websites for Churches and Religious Organizations

Churches Need a Mobile Website – Get a Church Mobile Marketing Strategy

With more and more people devoting hours to their smart phones for web browsing, texting, apps and social media, it’s no coincidence that churches have taken notice. Many churches have seen the need to improve their technology to keep pace with their flock. Nearly every church has a website where a decade ago, few did. Many churches broadcast their sermons, offer podcasts and deliver bulletins and message via email.

The natural progression of the technology leads to mobile websites for churches. Half of all people own smart phones and do their primary web browsing on their mobile device. If the website for your church or synagogue won’t load on the small screen of a smart phone, it can cause problem for your members.

One Catholoc church in London was recently featured on the local news to discuss how they’re embracing mobile friendly websites and other mobile technology. In the news feature, the priest said, “Technology has become our primary means of communication. A lot of young adults don’t read the program that you pass out.” Their Church has gotten into mobile website design, has both Facebook and Twitter pages and is launching an app this year as well.

The United Methodist church stepped into mobile marketing early – as far back as 2008 – launching a mobile text campaign with billboards and placards. They have even gone so far as to dedicate a section of the official United Methodist Communications website to mobile marketing, including how-to information on mobile website development, how to use a mobile website builder and why mobile websites for churches benefits the Methodist message.

Mobile websites for churches are cutting a swath across all religions – the Catholic Directory is a mobile friendly website that helps Catholics find the closest Mass service. Their mobile website designer used the latest HTML5 geo-location tool to make it extremely accurate and simple to use.

A great number of Presbyterian churches have embraced mobile website design and have launched mobile websites to meet the needs of their church members. Hamilton Union Presbyterian Church in New York introduced its mobile website in 2010 saying, “Now you can take the HUPC website with you…”

As other churches near you recognize the need for mobile websites, they are looking to find a mobile website designer that can take them through the process of mobile website development to ensure they have mobile friendly websites. Has your church considered mobile websites for churches to better meet the needs of your flock?

Mobile Website Deisgn Options

Mobile website design is simple enough that with a free mobile website builder and just a few minutes of time, you can master mobile website development for your church. If you are worried that mobile website design is too much of a challenge, consider a website such as that uses its online mobile website builder to take you step by step through how to convert your existing website to mobile optimized.

Whether you hire a mobile website designer, try it yourself or use a free service such as DudaMobile, mobile websites for churches will enable you to effectively communicate with your busy flock on their ever-present mobile devices.

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