Salon and Spa SMS Marketing Campaigns

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Salon and Spa SMS Marketing Campaigns

Does your Spa or Salon Need an SMS Text Message Marketing Campaign 

Salon marketing campaigns and spa marketing campaigns are increasingly using SMS marketing as a means to communicate with their customers in the UK, bring in more business and offer rewards to loyal clients.

There are two main advantages to SMS marketing. One is that it is highly cost-effective to use, costing just a fraction of other marketing strategies like mailers. The second is that SMS marketing has the advantage of going straight to your clients’ mobile phones, finding them wherever and whenever they happen to be.

Many salons and spas in the United Kingdom are using SMS message marketing as a means to cut down on absentee customers. This is easily accomplished by sending out text message reminders, reminding customers of their upcoming appointment times. These SMS messages can even be customized, so that customers who have a history of forgetting appointments can be reminded more often, even the same day. Less missed appointments are extremely important for salon and spa owners, who of course, miss revenue every time a client misses an appointment.

SMS marketing is also used by many salons and spas as a means of turning customers into repeat clients. Again, these text messages can be customized to go out to customers immediately after their first visit, with an offer for a discount on their second haircut or a special on color. Customers who came in for a manicure could receive a special offer on their next manicure, or a free pedicure for bringing in a friend to their next appointment.

Salons are finding ways to increase business through SMS marketing by targeting slow days and turning them into profitable ones. One such salon in the U.K. sent out 213 text messages at the beginning of a week that was under booked. From those 213 messages, 12 clients booked an appointment for that week. The best part was that the revenue brought in by the first client alone covered the cost of sending out the text messages.

Most Popular SMS Marketing Companies for Salons and Spas

When salons and spas have cancellations, SMS marketing helps bring in other clients to fill the open spaces, thereby keeping revenue from decreasing. Because text messages are almost instantaneously sent and received, even cancellations that happen at the last minute can be covered by sending out a quick text to other clients, notifying them that there is an opening.

When a hair salon hires a new stylist, SMS message marketing helps market that stylist to existing clients. Use mobile coupons to increase the stylist’s name recognition and exposure. For instance, a mobile coupon could be sent out to salon customers with an offer for “2 Free Foils” with the new stylist. Customers who regularly color their hair will appreciate getting the two free foils, and the stylist gains the opportunity to increase the customer base.

Salon Spa Mobile Marketing Training United Kingdom

Lastly, increase your salon or spa revenue by sending out mobile coupons for special days. What client wouldn’t love to receive a special offer good on their birthday? One big holiday for salons and spas is Mother’s Day. Offer a discount on special services or a discount on gift certificates that clients can use as gifts for the women in their lives.

SMS marketing companies make it easy for any salon or spa, no matter how small, to gain a mobile presence through SMS marketing. One such company is Tatango. Tatango promises to “increase customer loyalty with SMS marketing.” They do this with a variety of offerings to suit your spa or salon business. Tatango understands the need to try it first, so they offer a free 7-day trial, making it easy to see how SMS marketing can grow your business.


Mobile Marketing in the United Kingdom is taking off in popularity.  Salons all over the UK in cities like London, Birmingham, Glasgow Scotland and Liverpool should start to implement mobile marketing strategies including:

  • SMS Text Marketing
  • Small Business Mobile Apps
  • Mobile Optimized Websites
  • Mobile Phone Advertising

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Kim McNealy December 23, 2012 at 1:27 am

Being a working woman better yet being a working woman with kids sometimes you seem to forget a lot of things that are not a necessity. It would be a great investment to reach clients who have occasionally missed an appointment or two. You could even make the text messages more customized and girly to really grasp there attention.


Laura Davis-Taylor December 23, 2012 at 5:40 pm

You could never go wrong sending a woman a SMS text reminding her of her hair or spa appointments. You could get a lot of referrals that way because some woman are so busy during the day they can not always remember when little things like that are coming up.


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