How to Start a Mobile Website Design Business

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Starting a mobile website businessYou can learn how to start a mobile website business by simply reading this review.  It is that easy.   We have reviewed the leading providers of white label mobile website platforms as well as mobile website reseller programs to find the easiest to use, consumer friendly solutions for starting your own mobile website business without spending a dime on product development.

Make Money as a Mobile Website Reseller

2013 and beyond can be your year to make more money.  Mobile websites are in high demand as millions of people are surfing the net through their smart phones and businesses everywhere are trying to reach them.

Existing websites need to be converted into mobile friendly websites in order to capture market share.  You can be the solution millions of small businesses need in order to compete in the market place.

Where to find Mobile Website Clients

Regardless of your industry, you can benefit from having a mobile friendly website.  Mobile website prospects include the following industries:

Mobile Friendly Websites

  • Hospitality
  • Government
  • Recreation
  • Travel
  • Medical Providers
  • Restaurants
  • Bars
  • Real Estate Agents
  • Retailers
  • Non profits
  • Taxi and Car Services
  • Education
  • Entertainment
  • Service Industry
  • Auto Dealers

Top Recommended Mobile Website Builder Reseller Programs

Get you’re Mobile Website Design Business started!


Dudamobile Review – Dudamobile Reseller Review

About Dudamobile

Duda MobileIf you have limited technical skills, sign up with Dudamobile.  They are so easy to work with that you don’t need to have a background in design or development. You can sell mobile website services and use their One Click solution to transform sites in minutes.  Clients will think you spent hours working on something you did in between showering and cooking breakfast.

Dudamobile Video

The Dudamobile Reseller Program is structured to provide new resellers training and support so you can get your new mobile marketing business started quickly and efficiently.  As a Dudamobile Reseller you will have full access to a variety of mobile website builder tools and a high level of technical support provided directly from Dudamobile.

They offer features like:

Reseller Review Dudamobile

  • Lightening fast, one-click solution
  • Click for Directions so customers never get lost
  • Graphic rich mobile website templates
  • SEO optimized mobile sites
  • Compatible with WordPress
  • Click to Call so customers can easily reach you
  • Synching with the normal website so edits only happen once

Get FREE Instant Access to Dudamobile

Start today for free and convert your first website to a mobile friendly version. Their mobile website design services instantly transform a traditional website into a mobile friendly version.  All you have to do is enter some basic information.

Click Below and Sign up for FREE to get Direct Access to the Dudamobile Software Platform

Duda Mobile

(No Credit Card Needed – Click Above – Free) Review – Mobile Website Design Software Reseller Review


Mobisit Reseller Program ReviewIf you want maximum flexibility and control, work with Mobisit.  They have a mobile CMS platform that gives designers the ability to fully customize mobile websites.  Those that want an easier to use solution can work with their existing mobile website templates.  Mobisit is a leader in the mobile website reseller market!

Mobisit Video Review Mobile Website Reseller Program offers a comprehensive mobile website reseller program that provides full training and support for businesses wanting to start their very own mobile website business.  Marketing agencies that are looking for a mobile website platform to use as part of their mobile marketing offerings are finding to be a leading provider.

They offer features like:


  • E-commerce solution (essential for any business taking payments online)
  • Google Analytics to keep track of traffic and other statistics
  • Video Integration
  • White label Dashboard for easy access
  •  Easy to update and edit websites with no limits on editing
  • Online documents for customers to download
  • QR codes – create them and track results
  • Questionnaire and polls

Try for Free

Sign up today and use their service for free.  It is easy to use, gives you maximum control and lets you start a mobile website business right away.

Click Below for Instant Free Access to

Mobisit Reseller Program Learn More (You have to try for yourself)

piJnz Review – piJnz Mobile Website Software Review

About piJnz

piJnzpiJnz offers a variety of ways to work with the company.  They are focused on resellers and have multiple programs to choose from.  Their mobile websites have designs that pop, rich graphics and high functionality.  They have developed multiple tools to help you launch a mobile website company that can quickly gain traction.

piJnz Review Video

piJnz White Label Mobile Website Reseller Program

There is a piJnz reseller program as well as a piJnz white label reseller program.  If your just looking for a mobile website software platform to use to create mobile websites for your clients, the piJnz reseller program should suit your needs.  If you wanted to brand the mobile website builder software with your own logo, design, feel, billing, etc, you should take a close look at the piJnz white label reseller program.


They offer features like:

  • Detailed reporting
  • Proposal templates
  • Branded videos and marketing tools
  • E-commerce solution (essential for any business taking payments online)
  • Your own company website
  • Mobile content management

Free Instant Access

Try it for yourself and see how easy it is to work with piJnz.  They have developed the tools you need to succeed.

piJnz is a Reseller ONLY Solution – Click Below to Review the Specifics

Pijnz Reseller Program Learn More

(Review piJnz for yourself – Click Above)


How to Start a Mobile Website Business

You can learn how to start a mobile website business by going to these sites and watching their tutorial videos.  They make it easy to build mobile websites and its free to get started so give it a try and make more money in 2013.

Staring a Mobile Website Marketing Business

  1. Click on the links above and Sign Up for the FREE trials for Dudamobile, and piJnz.
  2. Review their mobile website builder software platforms for yourself.
  3. Contact representatives from each company to answer your specific questions.
  4. Make a final selection and determination of the mobile website software that will best meet your specific needs.
  5. Now that you have your mobile website builder software selected you can get your new mobile website design business off the ground!

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