QR Codes for Retail Stores

by Michael Armstrong

QR Codes for Retail Stores: What You Need to Know

QR codes for RetailersQR codes are popping up in retail stores all over the United Kingdom. The 2011 holiday shopping season was the biggest mobile shopping season to date, and shoppers who used mobile likely encountered at least one QR code. Some of those shoppers likely visited a retailer’s mobile website after scanning their QR code.

QR codes are just one part of an effective mobile marketing strategy in the UK, but they certainly serve an important purpose. QR codes can play the role of helping consumers find retailers’ mobile websites, locate retailers’ coupons and research new products before buying.

Nellymoser, Inc reports that during the 2011 boom in mobile holiday shopping, 1 out of 14 retailers utilized QR codes as part of their mobile marketing strategy. Certainly, this number will increase for the upcoming 2012 holiday shopping season. For this study, Nellymoser followed 700 retailers located in the five biggest shopping malls in the Boston area during December 2011. They literally walked each mall and store and noticed the presence of any QR codes, including noting their placement and how they were used. They scanned every code they encountered and followed the experience the code led them to. It’s interesting to note that those shoppers who were looking for young adult or teen fashion items were the ones who encountered the most QR codes, suggesting that the codes are being used to target younger consumers.

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QR codes for retailers are used in varying ways, but Nellymoser found trends. One such trend was the use of QR codes in window displays. This serves to invite consumers into the store. Another trend that surfaced was the use of QR codes in fitting rooms. Many of these QR codes lead shoppers to an app. For example, the Gap uses QR codes to link shoppers to a mobile site where they can buy gift cards. Other retailers have used QR codes to send consumers to social media sites, sweepstakes entrance forms or product videos. QR codes in fitting rooms give shoppers a private mobile marketing experience, allowing them to check out videos or use a mobile app before they go back to shopping.

Many retailers in the United Kingdom have designed their own mobile apps, and QR codes help them direct their customers to the app. These apps usually provide an enhancement experience of some kind, such as loyalty programs or product extras and advice. Some of these apps have been designed with the ability to scan product bar codes. Stores such as American Eagle and Express use QR codes in this fashion.

The biggest reason for a retailer to use QR codes is to trigger sales. Mobile marketing strategies such as mobile websites and SMS messaging all benefit from QR codes. As already mentioned, QR codes can be used to direct customers to a mobile website. They can also be used to gain customers’ information for sending out bulk SMS text messages with coupons and other promotions.

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