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Retail SMS Campaigns: Mobile Marketing Will Increase Your Sales

Text Message Marketing for Restaurants UKRetail SMS campaigns in the UK utilize Short Message Service marketing, an integral part of communication in today’s increasingly mobile world. SMS messaging has evolved into the way the majority of consumers communicate. Retailers who recognize this fact and use it for business will definitely increase their sales.

Consumers are increasingly mobile, and yet businesses of many types are able to keep contact with their customers wherever they are through the use of SMS marketing. The content that retailers can send to their customers can include coupons, promotions and any other marketing strategy they can think of. The possibilities are endless.

Such as other rewards programs where consumers choose to opt in, SMS mobile marketing is permission based. By virtue of opting in, subscribers to your text messages have given their permission to send them your marketing communications. Simply invite your customers to become a member of your “VIP Club” and they can choose whether to participate. They can also choose to opt out, but if your retail business is sending them worthwhile content, why would they?

How can you know what types of content your customers will find worthwhile? It’s really pretty easy to do by tracking the results of the SMS mobile coupons and promotions you are sending out. Mobile coupons are simple to track, since the customer who redeems one must show their mobile phone in order to use it.

Mobile text message marketing really is considered personal. Mobile phones are like an extension of your customer’s life; they keep their phones close by and use them frequently. Therefore, sending out SMS messages to your customers gives you the opportunity to enrich your relationship with them. Text messaging reaches and engages your customers like email and mailers cannot.

Retail SMS Marketing Training United Kingdom

SMS messages are read at a more than 90% rate, and often within 4 minutes of being received. If you send your customers an SMS mobile coupon or promotion, you can be pretty certain that it was received. Mobile marketing through SMS messaging also gives you the opportunity to interact with your customers through polls, contests, product giveaways and links to your mobile website. All of these things work together to increase customer loyalty and appreciation for how your business benefits them, and loyal customers equal more revenue.

More customer loyalty also has the effect of building your brand among your customers. It also makes your customers see you as ahead of the curve and up with the latest technology. Particularly with consumers who are under 35, this also gives your retail business a bit of style, and that never hurts.

All small retailers in the United Kingdom can afford to start an SMS marketing campaign. With great online resources such as Tatango, SMS marketing is easily within reach. It is low-cost and provides a very effective return on your investment. With extras such as premium SMS services, retailers can offer services to their customers that they subscribe to and pay a small fee for. These services can include custom wallpapers for their mobile device, or customized information such as new product alerts or stock quotes. Tatango offers users a free trial period, which makes it even easier to start a mobile SMS marketing today.


Mobile Marketing in the United Kingdom is taking off in popularity.  Retail Stores all over the UK in cities like London England, Birmingham, Glasgow and Liverpool should start to look into mobile marketing strategies including:

  • SMS Text Marketing
  • Mobile Apps
  • Mobile Optimized Websites
  • Mobile Phone Advertising

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Lisa Ciangiulli December 23, 2012 at 1:24 am

Wow this can be turned into a business idea. Think about it, a free service where retailers and consumers can both register to put up and check deals respectively. And maybe the retailers could be charged to feature their deals and the consumers can be charged in order to get premium deals.